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Q:  How does your hair removal system differ from other similar products?
A:  Our products are all natural, have no harsh chemicals, no methylparabens or animal products, and remove hair to the root eliminating ingrown hairs.
Q:  Is Derma Nude an all natural product?
A:  Yes, it is FDA approved for ingredients, medically approved, clinically and dermatology tested, and 100% safe, effective, and painless.
Q:  How long to I have to wait if I have just shaved or waxed or used any other hair removal process?
A:  Wait at least 48 hours and be sure there is no prior skin irritation present.
Q:  Does your Vanishing Crème unlike other depilatories remove hair to the root?
A:  Yes, completely with the root bulb in its entirety.
Q:  Will I eliminate the chance of ingrown hairs and razor bumps by using your hair removal system?
A:  Yes.
Q:  How do I prepare my skin for hair removal?
A:  Do not precondition or pre-wash the skin.
Q:  How do I apply the Vanishing Crème?
A:  With a plastic knife or spatula.
Q:  Why do I patch test the Hair Vanishing Crème first?
A:  To determine the exact timing of hair removal to the root and to avoid skin irritation.
Q:  What are sensitive areas?
A:  Scalp, face, neck, underarms and bikini line.
Q:  What warning will let me know when to remove the Vanishing Crème from my skin?
A:  If any tingling occurs, wipe skin with dry tissue or soft paper towel, and flush         immediately with cool water, no soap.
Q:  When can I reapply the Vanishing Crème again?
A:  Not for 24 hours after hair removal or until stubble reappears.
Q:  Must I patch test each new area?
A:  Yes.
Q:  How long before hair regrowth will reoccur?
A:  Up to 3 to 5 weeks.  Results will vary.
Q:  Do I apply both the Soothing Gel and the Spray Mist Inhibitor on a particular skin area?
A:  No, because it’s designed to be used conveniently according to the size of the skin area.
Q:  How do I decide where to apply the Soothing Gel Inhibitor?
A:  The Soothing Gel is more conveniently used on the scalp, face, upper lip, chin, eyebrows, sideburns, neck, underarms and bikini.
Q:  What part of my body would I use the Spray Mist Inhibitor?
A:  For chest, legs or back.
Q:  Why do I need to follow with an Inhibitor?
A:  Because your skin has been exfoliated with the removal of the dead cells for a new layer of baby-soft skin for its protection.
Q:  What will the Inhibitors do for my skin?
A:  They gradually discourage regrowth, provide PH balance, hydrate, moisturize and condition the skin, as well as protecting against environmental damage.
Q:  When can I apply sunblock?
A:  After the application of the Inhibitor.
Q:  What do I do before applying the Inhibitor after hair removal?
A:  First you must thoroughly flush the skin with cool water and pat dry.  Do not, at any time, rub the skin (to prevent irritation). 
Q:  How soon do I apply the Hair Inhibitor?
A:  Normally, immediately after washing the skin, unless skin is irritated. Then apply later.  Just a thin smear is adequate. 
Q:  How often do I apply the Inhibitor?
A:  Apply twice per day the first week, and once or twice per day thereafter to gradually reduce hair growth.
Q:  How soon can I expect my beard to respond to reduction of hair growth?
A:  Results will vary.  Beards will take longer to reach desired results. 
Q:  If my skin is very sensitive, must I restrict use of any of your products?
A:  Always patch test each new area and use with caution.


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