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"Results will vary depending on how often you use the product and whether your hair is coarse or fine to begin with". 


Step 1. Advanced Vanishing Creme Hair Remover

First patch test a small area for about 5-7 minutes. Sensitive areas such as face, scalp, neck & underarms are to be tested minute by minute with caution, wiping away small areas of the patch each minute to test for hair release or redness. If irritation occurs, remove at once, flush with water, no soap. Hair should remove easily with the proper timing leaving the pores clean and open down to follicle site. Apply on surrounding hair in workable sections. Do not redo same spot within 24-hour period, or leave creme on skin longer than 15-20 minutes. Do not leave on skin longer than patch timing allows. Always patch test each new area of the skin- arms, legs, back, etc. The skin is now prepared for STEP 2, the Spray Mist and Soothing Gel Inhibitors which stop growth at the follicle site.

Step 2. Advanced Spray Mist and Soothing Gel Inhibitors

Derma Nude Spray Mist and Soothing Gel Inhibitors should be applied immediately after hair removal. Dry area and gently massage a good amount of Spray Mist or Soothing Gel Inhibitors onto skin. Do not wash off. Do not use any other product before applying Derma Nude. Leave skin clean and clear of other products prior to applying Derma Nude Inhibitor. The all natural gel and spray contain Vitamins A and E, the finest aloe vera, and the powerful and fragrant anti-oxidant green tea extract, which protects the skin from environmental damage. Use Derma Nude twice per day the first week, then once per day thereafter. Continue applications on a daily basis to maintain hair-free skin. Results will be achieved between 1 to 4 months. Men's facial beards will take longer to reach desired results.



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